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Ted Talks To Educate

I have been incorporating Ted Talks as an integral part of my teaching for several years. Each time I share some, I am equally surprised by how few educators consider using Ted Talks as part of their teaching. search domain owner Perhaps, for me, it was the opportunity I had to attend a Ted conference a few years ago in Oxford that completely hooked me.

I watch Ted Talks for multiple reasons, to be and stay informed on what current thinkers and leaders are curious about, researching, delving into, discovering or passionate about. Ted Talks replenish my spirit with hope, possibility, and faith in our human capacity.

Ted Talks inspire students. I choose Ted Talks not only to enlighten my students but to engage them in what can become possible. If my students need to present, I want them to witness exceptional ones: they can watch the magic Hans Rosling brings to data: href=”” title=”Stats that Reshape your World View”>
Isabelle Allende’s talk about ‘passion’, William Kamkwamba’s humble talk on how he brought ‘electricity’ to his small rural community in Malawi.
There is value in sharing Steve Jobs’ presentations for the power of visual imagery. The talks inspire students and educators to the global world of current thinkers, leaders both young and older.

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