Consulting for education

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin (1924-1987) African-American writer

About Me — My qualities, my experience and my expertise



seek continuous opportunities to learn and am engaged in ongoing research in education, counselling and wellness.. I integrate different perspectives as I work locally and globally with individuals and organizations. I believe that taking chances contributes to growth, learning and seeing new possibilities.

Connecting with people

Connecting with people

The diversity of my life and work experience as a teacher, coach and consultant with individuals from many different cultures has made me more sensitive, informed and open-minded. I coach skillfully and inspire others. 
I connect with people and guide with care and insight.

Taking on challenges<br><small>I love a challenge and I am good at helping others meet theirs.</small>

Taking on challenges
I love a challenge and I am good at helping others meet theirs.

During my own career, I have moved several times, taken on new challenging positions, worked under stressful living conditions. In each place, I sought and found positive strategies to manage and succeed. I evolved from being a teacher to consultant and coach. I know what it takes to overcome challenges and can help others achieve their aspirations and goals.

Presence ~ While on the Move

Presence ~ While on the Move

Twenty-five years of professional experience in a variety of educational and consulting positions in Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia and Turkey, led me to establish a full time consulting and coaching practice – Think Possible

My educational positions include:

  • K-12 Special Needs and regular teacher (including Neurological, LD, ADD/ADHD)
  • College Professor (Vanier & Champlain College) Special Care Counseling Department
  • Lecturer at McGill University in the Education and Inclusive Education
  • Educational Coach and consultant

My formal studies include:

  • BA in Psychology (Concordia University)
  • Graduate Degree in Education (McGill University)
  • Special Ed. Certificate (McGill University)
  • Masters in Education (Counseling – McGill University)
  • Executive & Life Coaching Certificate (April/2013 -Concordia University)

I launched Think Possible to contribute to organizations & individuals needing guidance, support or coaching

  • Curriculum designer for Think Global School (an innovative, international, mobile high school)
  • Coaching for inclusive teaching & learning (onsite and e-learning coach) Enka School, Turkey & Brandenberg Prep Academy, Dubai
  • Year-long partnership with American British Academy, Oman focused on leadership support & inclusive teaching practices
  • Coaching for 21st Century Transformation (Margolin Hebrew Academy – Memphis, Tennessee) leadership coaching & curriculum revamping
  • Training for clients who need Anger Management Strategies
  • Workshops on Wellness, Burnout & Empathy
  • Institute and workshop leader at leading international conferences
  • Coaching for change – individual clients seeking solutions in career & life transitions
  • Coaching for possibilities – students seeking educational direction
  • Coaching for decisions – individuals or organizations seeking clarity on important life matters
For an Introductory consultation, in person and/or online please contact me