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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin (1924-1987) African-American writer

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Your individual and specific needs are important to me. I listen to learn and understand.
I design workshops that resonate with participants.

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Inclusive Educational Practices

Supporting Organizations 

Empathy In Action

Cultural Sensitivity – in the Multi-Cultural Workplace

Conflict in the Workplace

The Power of Stories 

Past Presentations & Workshops

Wellness, Burnout & Resiliency

  • NFSB: ‘Empathy in Action’ Keynote Address

    Service Canada: Series of workshops on wellness, burnout & resilience

    Batshaw: Series of workshops on wellness and burnout

    Jules Verne Elementary School: Workshop Facilitator – Inclusive Teaching 

    Champlain College:  Workshop Facilitator – Communication Skills 

    AISA Keynote Speaker, Ghana: Power of Stories to Change, Inspire and Educate

    AISA, South Africa: Workshop Facilitator – Coaching Conversations

  • St. Lambert Elementary School – Workshop Facilitator – Inclusive Teaching  

    Laurier Senior High School – Workshop Facilitator – Active Learning II: Making the Connections

    American International School of Johannesburg: Leadership Workshop – ‘Catalysts’ for Change

  • Champlain College: Keynote Address – Rethinking Who We Teach – What Needs to Change

    AISA Keynote Speaker, Ghana: Power of Stories to Change, Inspire and Educate

    AISA South Africa Workshop Facilitator – Coaching Conversations

  • WUSC – Botswana – Workshop on Educational Possibilities




    The diversity of learning backgrounds and abilities found in 21st century classrooms is challenging most 21st century teachers. Learn about teaching practices that will enable teachers to more effectively meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

  • Margolin Hebrew Academy, Memphis 
  • Leadership Consultant, Coach & Teacher trainer

    The First Few Days, “Laura Malbogat arrived in Memphis on Sunday to help us kick off our new Curriculum21 initiative. Our project began its official launch in a three hour session in which Laura introduced herself to our faculty, masterfully, set their minds at ease by insisting that we’d ‘go slow’ and that each staff member would get individualized attention aimed at nurturing their growth as a 21st century educator at their own rate and from wherever it was they were starting.”
    Dr. Gil Perl, Director’s Blog

  • Think Global School
    Curriculum Consultant – Laura Malbogat on the Future of Education

    Live Interview by Steve Hargadon with Aron Solomon on

Innovative Education

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

  • Enka School, Turkey
    Consultant & Leadership Coach

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    On ‘Differentiated Instruction’ Professional Development:
    “We have had a very busy SITE programme starting, with a wonderful workshop on ‘Differentiated Instruction’ from a very experienced presenter, Laura Malbogat. She worked with our teachers in small and large groups and helped them develop their skills to work with gifted and special needs students, as well as expand their teaching skills.”
    Head of School Darlene Fisher

  • Conference Presentation, Montreal
    Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ) – Making Sense of Evaluation: Start with Good Questions

  • Best Practices Conference, Montreal May
    Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) – Making Differentiation Possible in Middle and Senior School

  • Bradenton Preparatory Academy, Dubai
    Differentiated Instruction Consultant & Coach

  • Association of International School in Africa (AISA),
    Workshop Leader – Special Needs / Leadership / Special Topics

  • International Baccalaureate Organization – Worldwide Workshops,
    Curriculum 21 / Differentiated Instruction / Special Needs / Special Topics

AISA Conference Participant
AISA Conference Participant