Consulting for education

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin (1924-1987) African-American writer

Services that can be highly customized to your specific needs – expert consultation for both individuals and organizations.

Coaching and Educational Consulting

Fee: Please contact

How I coach for results

  • Collaborate with administrators and teachers to accurately assess and design professional development and provide one: one or small group coaching
  • Coach leaders to maximize their potential, manage change and lead with success
  • Coach teachers to implement inclusive teaching and learning practices
  • Coach leaders and teachers to manage difficult student behaviors and academic challenges

How I can help transform teaching and learning?

  • Assess current teaching and learning practices
  • Provide concrete strategies to create ‘active learning environments’
  • Strategize a plan of action to improve teaching

Individual Services

Fee: $90 an hour

How I can help you manage learning and life challenges

  • Coach students in transition, help you find a study or career direction that is right for you
  • Realize what course of study or university is a good match
  • Coach individuals to realize life or career goals and dreams
  • Coach and counsel individuals to manage challenging life decisions, crisis, or issues

How I can help your child manage learning challenges

  • Coach students with learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD to experience success in learning
  • Coach students to learn strategies, tools and assistive technologies to ‘manage’ their difficulties
  • Work in collaboration and partnership with your child’s school and teachers
  • Expose students to assistive technologies that facilitate learning
  • Strategic Coaching - Margolin Hebrew Academy

    Strategic Coaching - Margolin Hebrew Academy

  • AISA Workshop

    AISA Workshop

  • Ghana-AISA-IB Conference

    Ghana-AISA-IB Conference

  • St. Lambert - Consulting Workshop

    St. Lambert - Consulting Workshop