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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin (1924-1987) African-American writer

Testimonials from Organizations

What administrators say

Superintendent, Mona Nashman Smith, American British Academy

Laura Malbogat has developed an innovative professional development initiative that is a comprehensive package of workshops, seminars, and individual consultations to implement differentiated instruction in the class room. This program provides sustained support throughout the school year to ensure that teachers learn the skills and strategies they need.

As the superintendent of ABA (American British Academy) I am very impressed with Laura’s knowledge, expertise and ability to connect with all the teachers.

Laura’s ability to connect with the faculty as well as her wealth of knowledge and excellent presentation skills has made this workshop – one that will make a difference for the faculty, and most importantly, will impact the students we teach. This is one professional development program that will have enduring influence and change.

Director, Darlene Fisher, Enka Schools

Laura Malbogat came to Enka Schools and gave a most wonderfully differentiated set of workshops on ‘Differentiated Instruction’. She has helped our beginning teachers to understand the basics, she has inspired our more experienced teachers with ideas of how to take differentiation in the classroom to new levels and she has encouraged everyone at all levels of understanding to develop their own skills so that our students can achieve more. It was a very positive experience to have Laura in our school, and we look forward to continuing the contact through the online program she has designed as our teachers develop deeper levels of differentiated instruction for our students.

What participating teachers say

Brandenton Prep Academy, Dubai

Laura, your instructions, lectures, and suggestions were excellent. I appreciated your observations and suggestions.

Great ideas and information. I’m able to see new ways I can use DI in my classroom including how I set up. Actually planning and implementing a DI lesson would be very effective, especially after receipt of your feedback. Websites were great.

Glad you came. I think this workshop is something we should have done months ago….

Thank you for your time, really appreciated your suggestions. Practical ideas were great. I would have liked more time with you.

I liked your knowledge, enthusiasm, transparency, elicitation of our ideas, and genuine nature. Come back.

AISA Workshop 2012: Meeting the Challenge: Special Needs and 21st Century Teaching

Thank you Laura for organizing such a fantastic and knowledgeable workshop. I am equipped with teaching strategies relevant to the 21st century, which is the drive in my school now. You know what is needed out there in schools. (Svodai)

Loved the collaboration, videos were great and comments, as were your insights to go with them. Group time was very helpful, stations working in teams to create practical plans and resources were helpful. Feel more prepared to go back well fueled up to support our students better. (Kathleen)

Challenged to think about adapting my own practice towards supporting teachers to adapt their teaching and assessment practices to meet 21st century realities.

A lot of interesting websites videos and other resources shared.

Many thanks Laura for being so generous, sharing so much and being responsive to groups needs and requests. (Sian)

Great workshop – thanks

You responded to the needs of the group and were flexible with your program… (Ann White)

This was an excellent workshop. The interactive /collaborative activities. The resources will be especially helpful. You are inspiration and excellent resource person.

Laura, thank you so much for empowering me with the skills, strategies to take back and implement at the school. I am really excited and scared in a good way, to help teachers and students now! One thing I felt that helped me very much was the case study, please do more next time. Keep on inspiring others and hope to cross paths soon. (Elenet)

Champlain College: Keynote Presentation 2011

Laura would be a useful mentor for teachers to them help students with special needs. Interesting and eye-opening… Segment on Special Needs tools was valuable… Inspiring!

I particularly felt that the individual observation and feedback and subsequent meetings was very useful, as it was personal.

You offered some valuable insight into how to challenge the more able students. Clear ideas and easy to understand instructions from you. Thank you.

Individual Services Testimonials

What parents and students say

After working with Laura Malbogat, as our educational consultant, in this case, to provide guidance and support for each of our daughters to articulate and be willing to consider a much broader selection of universities than they had originally looked at. Laura took the time to help them refine and elaborate their understanding of what they were looking for both in a program and learning experiences and encouraged each one in turn to stretch and apply to programs that they were suited for and interested in, but were unsure about…

Laura used her considerable knowledge to help us understand unfamiliar terminology and navigate the application process. Laura didn’t let our girls settle for less than their best and to our family’s vast delight, each one was accepted at her first-choice dream university as well as many others. Susan, parent

Laura Malbogat gave me insightful, detailed, and timely advice. Laura is so kind, and was invaluable when I had a question, or was working against a deadline. Throughout my applications, but especially while first making a college list, Laura helped me to arrive at my own decisions, rather than making them for me; that being said, she always offered firm and informed opinions. Laura is an incredible resource, guide, mentor, and friend. I highly recommend Laura and her services. Thank you, Laura. Stefan, student